Common War

It’s important we understand if any person from any country succumbs to the virus, Death wins- it is a defeat for the entire human race; if any person form anywhere in the world fights back and survives, Life Wins- it is a win for the entire mankind.

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Four Seasons

Whatever season it is. There is always a new song. The beauty is that the old song does not die, it exists with the rivers, the mountains, the ocean, and with the season itself. So will it exist as I am alive and so will it exist, as I die.


Sometimes I desire to be a river, the river of life, meandering through gorges, valleys and trenches, providing life to millions of creatures. On such days I am Generous.

On some days I want to be sky. Limitless, boundless, sacroscant. On such days I am Mystical.

On some days I desire to lay like there is nothing going on in this world. On such days I am Oblivious.

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