Common War

The world is at war against a virus and its foot soldiers are fighting battles at various fronts. Some inside their houses, some on streets and some running essential services putting their lives at stake.

In such a distressing time when each country is fighting their own battle against a single enemy, it’s important we remain united. It’s important we understand if any person from any country succumbs to the virus, Death Wins- it is a loss for entire human race; if any person form anywhere in the world fights back and survives, Life Wins- it is a gain for entire mankind. There are no solitary winners, there are no solitary losers. Remember it is collective fight. The countries, states, provinces and areas winning today may start loosing tomorrow and vice versa. It is important we stand united, help each other and cooperate. People playing politics over a crisis are evil, worst are those ridiculing others in their moment of weakness and boasting at their temporary success. Empathy, sensibility  and solidarity is need for the hour. Stay Strong. Together we can win.

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