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What you wear defines you? Your wardrobe is not just a collection of clothing, it represents you, it makes a statement, it is an embodiment of your personality. Since the very inception of civilization, men and women have come up with ideas to dress themselves in unique ways. Fashion style and sense is not sacrosanct. It is dynamic. It is an art which takes inspiration from space, time, climate, culture and environment. Each place has a distinct style – a unique representative of that place and area.

Designers at Nieuweek have blended the specialities from different parts of India and created distinct style for you. Have you ever pictured yourself in a madhubani painting contemporary blouse or kantha work party shirt?  Have you longed for a colourful sujni embroidery on a summer top or sindhi embroidery on a sexy shirt. Have you ever thought of dressing up in a modern yet ethnic way? Nieuweek has all such apparels and more. The fashion house has meticulously crafted some of the finest piece of clothings that you wanted to be in your wardrobe – a fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Nieuweek’s focus is to create trendy and comfortable apparels for women. This post includes some of the top designs created by the fashion house.

(To be Continued)





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