Remember me?

We were new in the city. We were young, carefree and full of life. It felt like somehow we were given wings to fly. She was not my roommate. I lived on the third floor and she on the ground floor of the hostel, yet there was a connection between us. She was my roommate’s friend. She would come in the evening after the classes and we all would have dinner together. There would be late night conversations about fashion, films and boys. It always felt good to talk to her, share secrets with her, confide in her. I think the feeling was mutual. She never judged me nor did I. We became good friends. There are few people in your lives you are able to connect with, she was one of them.


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15 years later when I found her on Facebook, I was delighted. I sent her a request and a one liner. “Remember me?”. Next morning I woke up to a dozen of messages on my messenger. Everything hauled for a moment. I went into a spiral of memories. I could hear her lively voice, her effortless laugh, her sparkling smile.  We exchanged numbers and had good chat about old days.

We both are married now. She has a kid and I am expecting. She is a surgeon now and I felt so proud of her. Talking to her made me feel once again how valuable friendship is? Time and distance can never be a barrier between friends. Even after so many years we were the same. A little busy due to our new responsibilities but there were no inhibitions.

(This post is dedicated to one of my very good friends. For more than a year I haven’t been able to post anything.  The other day she encouraged me to write something. She has always been an inspiration and I have promised her that I would keep my blog alive.  I hope I am able to keep my promise.)


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