Images (Daily Prompt: Doubt)


IMAGES daily prompt: Doubt

In the labyrinth;

down the memory lane,

a tripper

reflects images-

sweet, sour, salty;

bad, bitter, bright.

Faces, known-unknown

enter exit through

the open door.

Shades of

childhood days,

makes me confront a

pip-squeak and her

wishy-washy tales.

Furlong smiles;

across infinite miles.

Timeless thoughts;

mindless mocks.

Her self doubts;

inaudible shouts.

Playing possum to

miss the school bus;

laughing at

little Johny and

his sugar jokes.

I dawdle, paddle;

wait for the

glimpses of

my wooden cradle.

Those childhood images,

muster around,

vibrate for a while;

But dissolve at

a distance

with discreet sound.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved




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