Daily Prompt: Pillage

Daily Prompt: Pillage


War makes me sad. I think it makes everyone sad. I have never been to an actual war zone, but whenever I come across photographs, videos, or paintings, poems, articles and stories depicting war, I feel devastated. The pillaging accompanied with every war, small or big, makes me wonder how petty is man and his world? How transient life is? I wonder how much time does it take for grandeur to transform into insignificance? How much time does it take for a life to become death? How much time does it take for a civilization to extinct?

I wonder further more about how a war leaves everyone bereft? It never sees who is young or old or born a day before? It does not know who is rich or poor? Who is kind or crooked? Who is sane or insane? In words of Bertrand Russell, “War does not determine who is right – only who is left”. The city, the country, the civilization built over hundreds and thousands of years turns into ashes. Nothing is left. Life that seems so precious starts looking trivial.

I find it even more difficult to understand, how could a fellow human being participate in such atrocities? When a beautiful vase at your home breaks ,you feel sorry; when a plant that you watered all summer withers, you get sombre; when your pet dies; you grieve. You do not want your things to break, wither or die, yet it doesn’t bother you when scores of people who are part of the world you live are killed, when cities burn, when a country vanishes, when a civilization is wiped out. How can one be a part of pillage that is not just material but mental, emotional and psychological. It makes me wonder how ambiguous is human nature? What are we fighting for?

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