Daily Prompt: Construct

Daily Prompt: Construct


It was raining heavily that morning. After a series of hot and stifling days, the rain showers finally drenched the earth. It certainly brought relief both to the surrounding and my eyes. In hindsight I completely lost track of time. By the time I got up it was already late to start for office.

May be I should skip office today. Sit back at home and enjoy the rainy day”, I thought, “But before that I should inform my boss”. 

I made a cup of ginger tea with a dash of cinnamon, turned the FM on and sat on the couch in my living room. It was Dylan’s Shelter from the Storm playing on the FM. In my mind I started trying to construct a proper reason for skipping the office. Before ruminating upon some of the possibilities I decided to deconstruct the situation first. “It would be a mistake to construct an excuse without taking into account the facts”, I thought.

Getting up late in the morning sounds too lame. May be I should tell him the street got inundated with water. I could also tell him the power went off or my umbrella broke. What about? ” I did not have an umbrella”.  Not having an umbrella? Who does not have an umbrella nowadays? Or perhaps, “I lost or left my umbrella somewhere”, would be better. I did not want to give my boss the impression that I was careless. In fact I bought an umbrella last week and it was hanging right inside my closet. It would be an outright lie. I wanted to construct an excuse on the premise of some fact.

I prayed inside my mind, “how convenient it would be if the umbrella vanished somehow?“. Inadvertently I got up to make sure if the umbrella was still in the closet? To my surprise it was not there. God seemed to be on my side. In the next 15 minutes I ransacked the entire house looking for it. It had undoubtedly vanished into the thin air. Or perhaps I left it in the office last week. Or did I left it on bus? Maybe I forgot it at my friend’s house. I had no idea.

The discovery that the umbrella was missing brought relief to my mind. At least I did not have to lie now. After deliberating for a few more minutes I finally constructed my final excuse.

I decided to tell my boss that I lost my umbrella and it would not be possible for me to walk in the rain till the bus stop. After all it was not a lie. It was not even an excuse. I did not care if it sounded lame. It was what it was? A real situation.

I dialled my boss’s number.

He picked up and said, “Hey! I will be late for office. Have you reached?”

“No. umm..”, I said.

Before I could say anything he interrupted, “It’s okay. I know it’s raining heavily. Where are you?”

“Home”, I said.

“Shall I pick you? I haven’t yet started from my place.”

“Yes. It would be so kind of you”, I said.

“Okay. Will be there in 20 minutes.” He disconnected the call.

It was time to leave my ginger tea on the table and turn off the FM. I realized, it was just another rainy day. I had to get ready for the office.

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