The Act (Part-1)



To do or not to do? To act or not to act? To speak or not to speak? To protest or not to protest? To risk or not to risk? To dare or not to dare? It was one of those countless moments  when she was caught between  ‘to’ and ‘not to’. Something was going on. She knew time was running out and she needed to act.

Those few minutes brought some old memories. Memories spread over 22 years of her life. Memories of situations, of circumstances, of instances, where she frequently found herself caught in the momentary predicament. To or not to. “Man learns from his experiences,” she thought, “it’s easy to say but in reality only the man in question knows how difficult it is?  For if it were true why would she be here mired again in the middle of  same confusion, indecisiveness and perplexity?”

“Isn’t memory an extraordinary chest with innumerous drawers that it becomes impossible for a person to keep track of the contents of each of the drawers?” she thought, “Yet when time comes the required drawer opens instantly by itself. Isn’t the speed at which it (memory) travels amazing? Within a fraction of a second it takes you to the furthest and remotest experiences.” Queenie found herself analyzing her past actions. Mind, memory and experiences had already started to play their parts. It was her turn now.  Would she act and be a hero or would she again choose to remain  silent?

                                                                                                                                                                              … to be continued


Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved


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