He flapped even harder inside the cage. Some of his blue feathers scattered on it’s floor. He tried to unlock it with the help of his beak. The effort went in vain. The rapid fluttering of his wings inside the cage made it rattle. Exhausted and disappointed by his repeated attempts he sat still, exasperated.

How many more attempts will it take when he would finally be free and be able to fly in the eternal sky? For how many more years will he depend on the food and water provided by his master? A sudden jolt of desperation rose in his heart. He missed large trees which were always full of fresh sweet fruits. He missed melons, berries, and nuts. He missed how he would hop from one branch to another looking for the best ones? How much he missed the forest? How much he missed his friends? He could still remember the smell of fresh nuts that his mother would bring him. Nuts, he thought were a part of his meal here also. But they usually were stale. He saw the bits of nuts lying in front of him in his round steel bowl. He picked and gulped it thinking that his owner knows that a macaw likes nuts, and wondered what they do not actually know was that a macaw likes freedom more than nuts. Suddenly he felt his throat was choked. The nut was stuck in his throat blocking the air supply. He felt he would be suffocated to death and started fluttering his wings in panic.

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved


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