There is Law of Karma which governs the entire universe. What you do, you get. Nature believes in the cycle of karma-phala. For a very long time, I did not understand how Law of Karma operates? I have seen people who have done good deeds but face severe problems, sufferings and grief. Question remains how is  the law of Karma justified?

There are experiences, feelings and state of mind which are universal. Some of these are happiness, grief, suffering, anxiety, dissatisfaction, love, hatred, anger, fear and impatience. These are called “vikaras“. Whenever a human being clings to any of these, they are bound to fall in the cycle of karma-phala.

Happiness develops craving for more happiness and when this happiness is denied, people tend to try harder and harder to attain it. The universe does not work like that. Once you are born you have to pass through both happiness and sorrow.  In contrast human beings crave only for happiness. The mere idea of sorrow makes them restless.


Similarly, when an individual is in love with someone. He or she would have certain expectations. When that expectation is not fulfilled, one gets sad, angry, dissatisfied, impatience and anxious. One tries to please the other person. One tries to make him/her happy. And in doing so, one forgets that how so much you try, you cannot make the other person happy; you cannot win and please him/her. All these vikaras lead to another cycle of events wherein an individual tries to attain what he/she wants? The spell of love is so strong that the individual does everything and deviates from the path. He/She gets involved in sinful activities, downgrades oneself and makes  one’s life more miserable. One looses control and not only hurts oneself but other beings around him. One brings disturbances in the lives of others also. This state is so troublesome that one does not even realise what one is doing. Sometimes the individual is carried away by the people  and circumstances around him/her and becomes incapable to think rationally and to demarcate between right and wrong. The individual becomes more concerned about others and continues to ignore oneself. And gradually you tend to forget your significance. You forget that you have certain responsibilities towards yourself. You forget that you have certain duties towards yourself. You forget that no other person can bring peace and harmony in your life but you. You forget yourself. You forget that the other person would not think or act according to you. No other person would think the way you think or would look at things and incidences the way you look. Such symmetry is impossible in nature. No two individuals are same.  The inability to not to accept the real situation pushes him/her downward. An individual when trapped in the vicious cycle of raga-dweshasukha-dukha, forgets that it is his strong association with worldly things which bring more and more dukha, i.e., grief and suffering to his/her life. He/she forgets that one can have control over oneself, not on the actions of other beings. One forgets that it is his/her samkara of raga towards someone which has brought so much grief and suffering. So instead of driving these samkaras away he/she clings to them, craves from them, expects the other person to behave according to him/ her. Sometimes even commits mistakes which completely deviates him/her from the path.


It is very important to realise that nothing is sacrosanct. Even the air you are breathing, the water you are drinking is not the same the very next moment. How can a human being be the same always? Nature does not work according to you. You cannot stop rain, but you can avoid drenching yourself in the rain if you use an umbrella. You cannot stop the fire from burning, but you keep yourself away from it and avoid getting burnt. You cannot control the actions of other beings but you can control your reaction towards the action performed by them. You can let them do things according to their wishes, even if those things would hurt you in normal circumstances. But you can avoid from getting hurt, you can control your anger, restlessness, craving and hence can control your grief and suffering.

But it is easier said than done. We all know that our raga and dwesha will lead to nothing but dukha, but we still keep doing things which beget more dukha.

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