Isn’t Time the great master who controls everything in life

Isn’t it a confidant and friend,


yet sometimes transforms into an enemy who stabs from behind

They say time takes its own course but the course it takes is unknown.

Doesn’t  it make you weak but at the same time makes you

so strong that you could sail through any storm.

Isn’t it a philosopher’s explanation of what happens in life,

Isn’t it the best healer having remedies for every problem,

How strange that one moment it supports you to rise

and the other it would make arrangements for your fall.

It’s unpredictable, unapproachable, unattainable,

it follows its own rules and can be controlled by none.

It shapes your Life at the same time playing with it.

Happiness is its wife and sorrow its mistress.

And it is faithful to both.

Isn’t time enigmatic yet absolutely comprehensive?

Isn’t it true that its mysteries unfold when the Time is right?


Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved

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