My Michelangelo Moment!

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” said Michelangelo  regarding the making of David. Throughout his life, the sculptor gave life to a number of rocks. It is believed that even before he carved David, his masterpiece at the age of 29, he would visit a place every day where a marble rock was kept. He would stare at that piece of marble for hours. A man who had been noticing this for some days asked one day, “what have you been doing?  “I am working’, replied Michelangelo. He kept staring at the marble for months until one day he finally picked up a hammer and chisel and started working on it. Three years later that piece of rock turned into a beautiful statue what came to be known as “David”.

The statue of David is the reminder of the fact that every work of art is a work in progress. Starting from the genesis of an idea, till the time it acquires a form, an artist keeps working on it. An artist knows how to make it happen. His quote is a source of inspiration for all those who have been thinking of putting their ideas to reality. They just have to pick their tools and start working. Who knows there would be another David in making?

For the last few months, I have been looking at my computer to write something. When I sleep, walk, laugh and eat, I would have ideas making appearances in my mind. Unfortunately every time they come I struggle hard to find words to pen them down. I don’t know when my Michelangelo moment would arrive but I would advise you to certainly visit the statue of David, whenever in life you visit Florence, Italy.



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